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Henri Käsper
senior partner

Five Rules for Coping with This Crisis


There are five simple rules of communication that should be kept in mind by every person, be they a top manager, civil servant, journalist, PR expert or actually anyone active in their own social media channel.

Know your facts. Yes, it is extremely important to get your facts straight. You have to know what they stand for, where they come from and what their impact is. Any mistake, either understating or overstating something, is going to create new uncertainty. If in doubt, do not share. Now is not the time to seek cheap popularity. You are responsible.

Communicate the information that people need. Do not do this for feeding your own passion, but for helping to go on and to cope. Catchy headlines followed by unnecessary information only cause needless confusion and reduce even more the fragile sense of security in the society.

Big numbers. When speaking about big numbers, do not highlight them without a sound reason and always, yes, always, place them into context. Even the smallest numbers in the global setting can be huge for tiny Estonia.

Reading coffee grounds. Many are tempted to describe trends and forecast the future. Please try to remember that just a few similar single events happening in a short period of time do not make a trend. Before presenting a theory, each fortune-teller should be willing to bet on the prediction coming true with money from their own pockets in the amount they would be reluctant to lose.

Dedicated spokespersons. Keep the number of people who speak on behalf of the organisation to a minimum. One person, one story – fewer chances of mistakes and misunderstandings. But if the spokesperson has made a mistake, or even worse, more mistakes than one, replacement is in order. The credit of trust is a limited resource.

If we all learn to live by these rules today and remember them also tomorrow and the day after, then maybe some good will have come out of this horrible crisis after all.

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